10 Services Your Clinical Trial Travel Manager Should Provide

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10 Services Your Clinical Trial Travel Manager Should Provide

When it comes to clinical trials travel and logistics management, the easier and more efficient the service for patients, the more likely you will have a successful trial. Patient recruitment and retention is vital to the success of a trial, so you should ensure your travel manager can offer these 10 main services:

Ground transportation
At minimum, your travel company or travel manager should ensure easy and comfortable ground transportation to and from the clinic. Whether this is through taxi or private car, from airport or hotel your travel manager should handle the booking and billing process directly.

Air travel
Air travel can be stressful under normal circumstances, but for those requiring special care and assistance due to a medical condition, and perhaps an unfamiliarity with flying, the experience can be extremely distressing. It’s vital that your travel manager works closely with patients and liaises with airlines through well-established partnerships to ensure the optimum service is provided.

Baggage services
It’s quite often the case that your clinical trial patients will be travelling with wheelchairs, medical devices or other special equipment. This usually requires special services to be booked and paid for in advance, to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience. Your travel manager should ensure all necessary arrangements for baggage and equipment are made in advance for a seamless experience at the airport.

Patient stipends
In the event that patient stipends need to be paid in accordance with local taxation laws, your travel management company should be familiar with these processes and manage accordingly.

Cold chain courier
Not only should your clinical trial travel manager safeguard the smooth travel of your trial patients, they should also coordinate the safe shipment of clinical trials materials. Patient information should remain strictly confidential whilst ensuring that consignments meet your protocol requirements.

Ambulance service
In some instances, patients’ medical care may be so specialised that they need an ambulance service to guarantee comfort and safety on the journey to a trial. A good travel management company should be able to swiftly make arrangements for road or air ambulance, should your patients require this.

Relocation support
Should your patients need to relocate for a clinical trial, a travel manager should assist with all aspects of this relocation. From sourcing the accommodation to shipping house contents and equipment, travel managers should have great relationships with hospitals and accommodation providers to ensure smooth logistical relocation operations.

Accommodation services
A good clinical trial travel manager should be able to access and negotiate special accommodation rates around the world, to offer considerable savings for sponsors. Great ongoing relationships should have been forged between the travel company and accommodation providers to ensure all special requirements are fulfilled throughout the process, no matter how long.
Accommodation and expenses should be invoiced directly to the travel management company who can desensitize any personal information before charging the sponsor.

Child minding services
It is not always easy for patients to coordinate home life with trial visits.  A good travel manager will ensure peace of mind by organizing professional babysitting or nanny services for patients with young children.

Compliant management reporting
Your clinical trial travel manager should liaise with both your organization and your chosen CRO to set up accounts with local suppliers. Bills should be received and paid by the travel management company before desensitizing patient information to meet FDA, EMA and sponsor company standards. Bills and reports should be created ensuring patients’ personal information and travel arrangements safeguarded, remaining completely confidential at all times.

EQ’s expert and reliable services can help with all of the above services. This ensures you achieve your clinical aims and successfully manage your patient reimbursement system. For more information about how we can help ensure a smooth and successful patient experience whilst safeguarding patient information, please get in touch.