EQ Travel Management, CEO’s Annual Statement

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I have never ceased to be impressed by the EQ Team

Franc Jeffrey, CEO - Annual Statement

Our success depends on exercising the highest levels of customer service combined with absolute clarity on pricing and fees.

I believe that, as a young company, EQ Travel Management must consistently strive to excel. Our focus on technology supports our efforts to grow our business, expand profitability, and exceed the expectations of our people, clients, investors, and others. By maintaining a robust ethical operating framework, we lessen risks, maximise opportunities, find and keep the best people, and reinforce our corporate reputation.

I am delighted to report, that EQ Travel Management performed extremely well in 2013/14 benefiting from good demand for its services and the actions that the management team took during the recession to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of our company’s operations.

We seized the opportunities presented by the economic crisis and as a result EQ Travel Management not only performed relatively well during the downturn but experience a strong growth in 2013/14, with sales up just short of 500% to June 2014.

Our strategy has served us well and I have no doubt that 2014’s strong performance results are from the fundamental strength of our actions that we have taken over the first years of trading.

EQ Travel has stuck to its global organic growth strategy; opening new offices in London and Boston and underpinned by heavy and increasing investment in research and development. Today, all TMC’s must pursue best practice in matters of governance, people, customers, community, supply chain, and the environment. I am pleased that in 2014 we achieved recognition for our rapid growth and innovation strategies.

This has been complemented by a number of successful partnerships that have expanded the group’s service portfolio and the range of industries and markets that it serves and have made an important contribution to our growth.

We are delighted to have founded EQ Australia and are working out the details of our collaboration over there with a well respected Sydney based TMC.  Our Canadian presence continues to grow with our client base in Montreal and Ottawa increasing.

2015 already looks to be a fruitful year with a new UK Head office planned, an expansion of our Oil, Gas and Marine Division and some ground breaking developments in our travel and expense management for clinical trials that will be unveiled in Q2 this year.

Our sales and client service teams will be expanded with new positions being created in London, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Boston and our support staff and technology teams will be expanded in Scotland while our agent team for North American will increase in our office space in Lexington Massachusetts.

It has always been my belief that the most important investment that a company makes is the one that it makes in its people. I have never ceased to be impressed by the enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication of EQ’s employees. I would like to thank all of them, for their contribution to the success of our company.  EQ is delighted to have been accredited under the Government’s living wage program which is just another reinforcement of our commitment to our people and their standard of living.

EQ Travel Management is a great and exciting company with strong market and technology drivers, excellent people and a robust strategy that will ensure continued growth. We are now well positioned to grow in the coming years supported by strong positions in our core markets. The drivers for our business remain firmly in place and the group is committed to continuing investment in employees, infrastructure and R&D.  We remain steadfast in our core values... Integrity, Intelligence and Innovation

 Franc Jeffrey, CEO, EQ Travel Management