Franc Jeffrey to Speak at The Business Travel Show

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Franc Jeffrey to Speak at The Business Travel Show

EQ Travel Management CEO, Franc Jeffrey, will speak at the Business Travel Show on Thursday 25th February hosting a conference session on the "Evolution of Travellers".    Before the show began, Franc gave a short interview to the Business Travel Show.


Please sum up your conference session in one sentence.

The evolution of travellers - millennial travellers, gamification, the sharing economy and the effect on your travel policy are topics covered in the session.

Why is it a must-attend for buyers?

We'll be looking at millennials, gamification and the sharing economy breaking down what each of these actually mean for your own business and how travel policies can evolve with these in mind.    

What is the biggest challenge facing the industry this year?

As the sharing economy grows and the business traveller continues to evolve, both businesses and TMC's need to evolve with them and keep on top of their travel management polices.   While sharing services can undoubtedly can save money, how can we integrate these services into the booking procedure, how much time is it taking the business traveller to book these services and of course the first priority must always be traveller safety. 

And what is the biggest opportunity?

As travel continues to evolve, businesses have the opportunity to continue to update travel management polices to incorporate the sharing economy and gamification.  We can modernise travel policies while still staying compliant with corporate manslaughter legislation and ensuring all risk management points and travel policy requirements are adhered to.

Why are you looking forward to speaking at/attending the Business Travel Show?

The Business Travel Show is the must go to event of the year, with movers and shakers of the travel industry and the latest innovations at Travel Technology Europe.   Every year we look forward to meeting our industry peers, clients and of course networking with new clients


Franc Jeffrey from EQ Travel is speaking at the Business Travel Show in the London Room at 10am on Thursday 25th February 2016