Importance Of Expense Management User-Friendliness Among Expense Managers Increases

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Consolidation And A Shift To Mobile

Expense management systems that are easy to use also promote policy compliance and yield enhanced data accuracy

It was extremely interesting and pleasing to read BTN's recent research report  on the importance of expense management.

We concur with the report findings,  it’s an absolute must that the expense process must be both robust and yet simple.  Having worked with many organisations over the years, we see the same potential mistakes over and over again.  A finance person, with absolutely no disrespect to them at all, will be given the task of setting up the expense tool… and you might think, well why not… it’s all about money… it makes sense.  The why not is that it must work for the road warriors… if the system is set up with just the perspective of one business unit, it’s a recipe for failure.  In an ideal world a representative from each business function will be part of the team who determine how the system will work best for your organisation.   Then just when you think you’ve got it right, speak to your TMC and they’ll tell you all of the “unwritten” rules and quirks of your travel policy… only when  you know these can you really set up a system that will work for your entire organisation.  This may sound difficult but with a good expense tool, a good TMC and the input of the appropriate business functions it’s remarkably simple to make this work and work well.

Franc Jeffrey, CEO, EQ Travel

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