Corporate Travel Programs Must Balance Policy With Flexibility

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The next-generation corporate traveller will demand a tailored experience as travel becomes more connected, intelligent, experiential and mobile.

That was a takeaway from a recent presentation by representatives of Travelsavers Worldwide Independent Network (TWIN) and EQ Travel Management at the Business Travel Show in London, England. The presentation, titled ‘The Evolution of the Business Traveller,’ was made to an audience of corporate buyers and procurement managers.

Franc Jeffrey, CEO of EQ Travel Management, told the audience that there are now over 17,000 travel-related apps used by all generations of travellers. The traveller has officially evolved and uses all of these tools to move around the world with ease.

“The rise of millennials as business travellers is growing exponentially and 32% of them book travel via a smartphone,” said Jeffrey.  “These travellers view life as limitless, unrestricted and infinite. They mix work and play and as a result, while corporate travel programs must ensure policy adherence they need to be flexible and easy to access with intuitive tools.”

‘Bleisure’ trips that combine business and leisure are rising fast as a common form of travel worldwide, according to a new report from Bridgestreet Global Hospitality published by Skift.

Betty Tilton, V.P. for TWIN, Travelsavers’ global travel management company, said travel programs can’t stand still in a time of rapid change. “This next-generation corporate traveller will demand a tailored experience. Capturing and capitalizing on big data, technology and a fresh critical look at your existing travel program will allow you to deliver better pricing and personalized service.”

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