Don’t Let the Winter Weather Batter Down On Your Business

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Businesses are being urged to look closely at their travel management plans to save time and money to avert weather chaos disruption; an issue further highlighted by Hurricane Sandy.

Franc Jeffrey, CEO of Equilibrium Travel Management, which specialises in corporate travel, believes unexpected events such as the devastating storm on the East Coast of America which recently paralysed air travel should act as a timely reminder of the need for travel contingency plans.

The cost of finding solutions to these situations can often be crippling and costly to a business, both in terms of valuable staff time wasted as well as the difficulty in finding the time or the resources to source viable, inexpensive travel alternatives.

Franc said: “As part of our daily routine we monitor global events so we can respond quickly when major disruptions to travel occur, ensuring our travellers make it to their destination or can be evacuated as quickly and safely as possible.

“Hurricane Sandy caused the canceDuncan Sanders, Operations Director and Franc Jeffrey, CEO of Equilibrium Travel Managementllation of many flights both to and from the US, but we were quick to act.

“By running a real time report we were able to pinpoint all our affected travellers and begin rebooking or transferring them onto alternative forms of transport.

“That meant that clients who potentially could have been stranded in various locations were able to complete their trips to return home or continue their journey – ensuring no lost time and no unhappy staff.”

The firm’s expertise in this area is regularly tested when the UK’s winter weather brings flights to a standstill. This was amply demonstrated when recent fog and bad weather forced the cancellation of flights from London to Scotland, leaving clients facing lengthy delays or being stuck overnight.

EQ received automatic flight updates and were able to immediately rebook the individuals onto later flights, however due to the unpredictability of the weather conditions there was a good chance these flights could also be cancelled, so EQ also investigated ground transportation options.

EQ’s staff recommended travelling by rail back to Scotland and by the time the executives were on the train, word came through that the later flights had indeed been cancelled.

Franc said: “Our clients were left satisfied as their employees had managed to make it home that evening and be back at work the following morning.
Franc also highlighted how the safety and well-being of employees in these situations is a worry for businesses.

He said: “During severe weather situations it is important for companies to know where their staff are.

“Using real time travel management reports, we can help companies to track employees and are able to assure businesses that they are safe in these locations, which also ensures companies remain compliant with European Duty of Care legislation.”

EQ was formed in 2011 by Franc Jeffrey, one of the UK’s leading figures in travel management, and aims to challenge the industry by offering its services on a transparent, fee-based system, rather than the commonplace ‘fee plus hidden charges’ model.

The firm also provides a specialist marine and offshore travel service, travel and expense management for clinical trials as well as running a comprehensive meetings and events department.

EQ is headquartered in Fife, Scotland but has a regional office in the North East of Scotland to support the oil and gas industry as well as a base in Boston, USA, to cater for clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

Further information can be found on the website or by calling its Head Office on 0845 241 7777.