Traveller Connectivity in 2016

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Traveller Connectivity in 2016

People love to travel and more than that, they love to have internet access while travelling. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and laptops, the need for 24-hour connectivity has never been more pronounced. The travel expectations have changed drastically and companies in the hospitality and travel industry must understand that. Several surveys have shown that free Wi-Fi has been consistently ranked as a top priority. If these sectors do not succeed in providing connectivity to their customers, they may lose out on very important business. What’s more, with rapid advances in technology, high-speed Wi-Fi will be a valuable differentiating aspect for businesses in these sectors.

Connectivity in Hotels
If a coffee shop across the street can offer free internet, it is not unfair for business travellers to expect free Wi-Fi in hotels where they are paying a large premium. In 2014, A survey by reported that only 64% of hotels world wide offered free Wi-Fi and some large players like Sheraton, Marriott and Hilton were not included in that list.  The figures have improved greatly since then, however some of the bigger hotel groups still charge!

Connectivity in the Air
Not only do the fliers want to fly safely, they also want to fly using internet on the go. They want to listen to music, watch movies, check emails and share posts on social media. A survey conducted by Honeywell International found that Wi-Fi was a strong factor in the selection of airline. In fact, some of the participants said that they would switch their preferred airline if the other airline had better Wi-Fi capabilities. Moreover, it is not just the Millennials, all business travellers expect airlines to have Wi-Fi and they get frustrated if they do not get it.

Skift Trends Report: The State of Traveller Connectivity in 2016
The recent report by the Skift team analyses aspects of travellers’ need for connectivity. While the hotel sector has completely moved towards providing internet access free of charge, sectors such as airlines and cruise lines have not yet been able to provide free Wi-Fi. Even when travellers are willing to pay, the services are mediocre.
However, the report says, certain technologies and business models may be the key to solution. These include ad-supported connectivity and partnerships with companies that want their content to be visible. Also, the new technology of “Internet of Things” will be able to add value for brands in the hospitality and travel industry. The report proposes that this will resolve the dilemma for sectors that were previously not able to provide free internet access.

At EQ Travel Management we have the right people and the right skillsets to make your business travel journey a pleasurable experience. Over the years, we have formed connections in various industry sectors, including the hotels and airlines. Understanding your need for connectivity on the go, we make sure that you have free internet access throughout your business travel.