traveller safety at american airports

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Transport Secutiry Administration Under Scrunity

6,800 American Airlines passengers missed flights the week of March 14-20 due to checkpoint delays at US airports.

In recent tests, TSA failed 67 of 70 tests of undercover agents being allowed through security with prohibitive items. At least one agent had a bomb strapped to his back and still was allowed through.  This is a frightening statistic.

TSA hires staff on a part time basis. How many people could afford to work for at least a year without any benefits before being considered (not guaranteed) for a full time position?  It is no wonder the turnover is so excessive.

The TSA screening position should be considered as a serious and important job.  The training needs to be similar to going to a police academy or military basic training and the positions must be full time. 

American Airlines announced May 19 that they will spend up to $4 million to hire private contractors to manage security lines. Will the other US carriers follow suit? My guess is that they will.

Since writing the above, I am happy to say that the current TSA chief was replaced. Many TSA staffers have been upgraded to permanent positions and additional canine teams will be added in key airports. This is a positive start but there is much work to be done.