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In any clinical study, control is key – while information can be both complex and sensitive. We’re ready to handle every detail with discretion and professionalism.

With experience of working with clients in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, we have a proven approach for managing the travel, logistics and administration aspects of clinical trials.

We understand that confidentiality is absolutely vital, both for patient travel and for managing expenses. With coded billing and reporting systems, we can ensure that only the right people can see the right details – protecting the trial’s integrity and the patient’s privacy.

Our team of dedicated clinical trial consultants works to ensure that patients’ and subjects’ journeys are as comfortable and easy as possible, with every need catered for and every contingency covered.


Our Clinical Trial Logistics service includes:

Organising transfers – for a complete home-to-clinic journey
Repayment of incidental patient costs, including personal car usage
Advance planning for patient's travel needs – such as pre-baggage and providing wheelchair assistance
Patient care assistance for air travel
Chartering air and road ambulances where needed
Accommodation reservation & apartment rental
Compliant billing services and management reporting
• Rare & Orphan Disease Trial Logistics
 Paediatric Clinical Trial Logistics
• Long Distance Clinical Trial Logistics

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