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Travel Expertise

Pioneering this service almost two decades ago, our extensive knowledge means we fully understand the detailed planning, sensitive handling and confidentiality which subject travel and expense management require. We work closely with you to ensure the smooth running of all arrangements.

Your subjects’ requirements will be as individual as they are. From travel and accommodation needs, to special assistance or cold chain couriers, we have the expertise to organise it all. Our experienced and GCP accredited specialists not only bring their international travel skills to your subjects’ travel management, they also ensure each booking is as stress free as possible.

Our services encompass all aspects of travel from home to clinic. We know the right questions to ask to make sure all their needs are met throughout their journey, from oxygen tanks to wheelchair assistance, even to providing mileage reimbursements and onsite language support.

Expense Management

We have a well-established record for reducing CRO/Investigator administration. We look after the processing and payment of subject expenses for you. This frees up valuable time for your teams to concentrate on the subject and clinical trial, leaving the administration to us.

Subject confidentiality is paramount throughout. That’s why we set up passwords for chargeable accounts and replace all subject names with study numbers and identity codes. This means any reports we send you are entirely compliant with regulatory body requirements, such as the FDA and EMA.

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