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If you are any kind of a frequent traveler you have experienced that horrible feeling, often after a 10-hour transatlantic flight, when you walk bleary-eyed up to the front desk at your hotel and are told; “I’m sorry sir, we don’t seem to have a reservation under your name.” This is also the point when you think to yourself, through your jet-lag haze, that somebody back at the home office dropped the ball.

A trusted travel management company (TMC) never drops the ball, because corporate accommodation management allows your organization to effectively manage your accommodation requirements. Whether the mission calls for hotel stays for transient travelers, extended stay accommodation for project workers, serviced accommodation for travelers who have the need for managed apartment rental or you need an Airbnb for those who’d like to be immersed in the local area. And as more and more hotel companies start to merge, hotel chains now have several brands to choose from, spanning the increasingly varied accommodation needs for all traveler demographics from Gen X, through millennials to the most discerning travelers.

A well-managed accommodation program will meet the needs of all travellers under the umbrellas of one or two brands. Showing loyalty to hotel chains allows for corporate rate negotiation and benefits back to the travelers, such as last room availability, complimentary upgrades, Wi-Fi, breakfast and lounge access.  The hotel program for your day to day travel is also a great place to start when looking for rooms for meetings and incentive travel.


  • Multiple hotel brands to choose from
  • Negotiated rates on your behalf
  • Additional upgrades
  • Something for every age group
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Additional leverage for meetings management

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