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When planning corporate travel, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when trying to navigate through the numerous airlines offering their services. Not only is it all about pricing for the actual seat, but there is often a myriad of additional cost items, ranging from seat selection, to baggage fees, to what you eat on the plane. And every line item has to be carefully documented.

At EQ Travel, we specialize in corporate flight management as a way of controlling your organizations spend by managing the number of airlines that your company utilises. By consolidating the number of airlines used, we can negotiate deals based on market share and spend. And the many benefits to the organization can be in the form of cash rebates, enhanced frequent flier status for the travellers, upgrades, free checked baggage and lounge access. 

How often have you been seduced by purchasing the cheapest seats based on price? Companies should consider more than simply the cost when it comes to booking both transient and group/meeting travel for their employees. We can help businesses make travel plans that are based around what you want to achieve from the trip, and understand that important contracts can be lost as a result of staff arriving fatigued by their travel experience.

Companies should be asking the question: “How can we expect our team to win a major piece of business if they are being asked to make a presentation after getting up at 4am and sitting in a cramped seat for a long transatlantic flight?”  Even a short haul flight averaging four hours can easily equate to an eight hour working day, when travelling to and from the airport, checking in and security and immigration queues is taken into account. 

Corporate airline agreements can also be utilised as leverage when planning meeting and incentive travel and negotiating meeting fares / route deals. Very often airlines will offer cost-saving packages encompassing not only the flights but also incentives, lodging, transportation, and so forth.


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