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Funds flow in, funds flow out, and whoever you deem to be the keeper at the accounting gate, needs this info in real time.

Corporate travel reports are the key to monitoring the performance of the travel program as a whole. We see a move back to basics where clients are looking for raw data in a format that they can import and/or manipulate to help them with meaningful insights into their travel program. Effective reporting will allow your organization to ensure that corporate agreements are being adhered to and that rebate targets are on track, and so forth. Effective reports also allow companies to view any possible program leakage, thereby giving them the tools to plug those leaks before they become impactful. Your account manager will also regularly review your reports to ensure the program is on point or to suggest any tweaks, if required.

In our industry it is important to benchmark your results. But you can’t do that accurately unless you have all the facts and variables as quickly and accurately as possible. This is where proper corporate travel reporting can put your mind, and your spreadsheet, at ease.


• Information in real time
• Data in a format you are comfortable with
• Detecting program leakage
• Gain valuable insights into your travel program
• Making sure corporate agreements are being met

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