Travel Management Services: A World of Difference

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There are many corporate travel agencies to choose from. Type those words into your favourite search engine and you can watch pages upon pages populate your screen in a matter of seconds. And when they do you’ll find that all corporate travel agencies are pretty much alike, all offering the opportunity to arrange your air travel, hotels, car rentals etc. Seemingly everything a corporate traveller needs.

However, when you do the same search for travel management companies you will the results are much rarer.  That’s because a travel management company (TMC) takes the time and effort to look at your programme as a whole. A TMC goes above and beyond when it comes to organizing your corporate, conference, event and meeting travel. A TMC is your trusted partner, ever diligent and ready to advise on travel and expense policies, risk management and corporate social responsibility.

As the title of this message suggests, we live and travel in a world of difference. No two countries are alike. What’s “to-matoe” in France may very well be “to-matow” in Belgium. For corporate travel, an experienced TMC allows its clients to become virtual chameleons when travelling abroad, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with each custom and regulation they happen to encounter along the way.

Unlike corporate travel agencies, a travel management company goes well beyond simply booking plane tickets, hotel reservations and rental cars. They drill down deeper into what you need to travel comfortably and safely, with a minimum of stress and a maximum of confidence. And rest assured that every facet of your trip will be expertly recorded via our totally transparent corporate travel reports.

A TMC will handle everything for you but the packing (although we may offer some suggestions on what type of clothes you should bring).

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